Energy Transportation Gets A m e r i c an Legion M e r c h a n t M a r i n e A w a rd

energy transportation gets a m e r i c an
legion m e r c h a n t m a r i n e a w a rd

The American Legion National Mechant Marine Award for 1984-85 was presented recently by Senate Majority Leader Robert Dole (RKA) to Dr. C.Y. Chen, chairman of Energy Transportation Corporation (ETC) of New York City, at a ceremony in the U.S. capital. This prestigious award, sponsored by the Robert L. Hauge Merchant Marine Post 1242 of the American Legion of New York, recognizes the outstanding contribution the company has made to the U.S. merchant marine industry through the development and successful operation of eight U.S.-flag LNG carriers.

Also in attendance at the presentation were Senators Strom Thurmond (R-SC), J e s s e Helms (RNC), and Mack Mattingly (RGA) along with representatives of the Hague Post. Speaking at a reception following the presentation, Maritime Administrator John Gaughan congratulated Dr. Chen and ETC, noting that company's LNG project represents a highlight in the U.S. merchant marine.

American merchant seamen who have received special LNG training operate the ETC ships and handle their unique cargo. Built by the Quincy shipyard of General Dynamics in the late 70s, the ships now trade in the Far East carrying LNG from Indonesia to Japan under a 25- year contract with Burmah Oil. Built Under the Maritime Administration's Title XI mortgage guarantee program, ETC's sophisticated tankers provide safe, efficient, and economical transportation. Since the first vessel went into service in 1977, ETC has delivered more than 1,100cargoes without a major incident.

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